July 17, 2024

This past Sunday, May 21st representatives from the club attended the NHSA Annual Meeting, President Nathan Grace, Treasurer Bob LaRochelle, Social Media Rep AJ Lambert, Members Jack and Leslie Toomey. At the meeting, one of our members, Jack Toomey, who we nominated in March, was awarded NHSA “Trail worker” of the year 2023. This inaugural award was presented to Jack by NHSA for his hard work and dedication over the last several years. We have so many dedicated volunteers that help every fall and we wish we could nominate everyone. Jack’s dedication to the club for the last several years has been nothing short of amazing. Jack drives up from Norton, MA every Saturday during the fall to do trail clean up and work, then drives back the same day that’s just a little of what Jack does every season but clearly stands out. Thank you for representing the club Jack! Congratulations on winning “Trail worker” of that year for NHSA 2023.