April 24, 2024

March Monthly Meeting (Rescheduled)

  • Due to a last second scheduling conflict, we are rescheduling our March Monthly meeting from March 9th to March 16 due to Thornton’s Town Hall Meeting. Meeting will still be held at Dirt Designs at 7pm.


  • We have officially gone live with our new website. The CNHSC website is now www.CNHSC.org It is no longer .com. We have aligned with how most non-profit organizations use .orgs as a registered website. We have a new partnership with a company called Just Flow Events & Marketing. We thank Ami and her team who have helped make this a seamless transition in the middle of the busiest time of the season! Please update your website browser and save us under your favorites!


  • Thank you to all that came out to the cookout last weekend. We had a great turnout. Glad there was many that could still come. Mother nature finally opened up with close to 14″ of new snow between Friday/Saturday and have left us with the last 5 days of great riding!

Trail Report

  • Trail 152S – Bog does have open water, cross at your own risk, we are not advising anyone to go though
  • Trail 152N – Trail has good conditions on the interior, west of Route 3. On Route 49 is starting to see some dirty spots due to the fact that it does sit in the sun all day from Campton Fire.
  • Millers Trail – Good conditions west of Route 3. moderate – Good conditions going though Branch Brook Campground.
  • Trail 155 – Good Conditions
  • Trail 156 – Good Conditions
  • Trail 157 – Good Conditions
  • Corridor 11 – Iron is showing, use extreme caution. We did get a groomer on the lower side of 11 heading towards Plymouth but conditions are still tough as the drags are pack snowing down to the iron. So they have not been groomed North of Campton Fire

Safety Public Service Announcement (Hand Signals)

Contrary to popular belief… Using hand signals to oncoming snowmobile traffic is not advised by either NHSA, NH Bureau of Trails or NH Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division. I’m sure most of us, who monitor social media and the news have seen our fair share of snowmobile accidents over the last 5 winter seasons. They just keep going up. Most of these accidents are preventable and are due rider inexperience and speeds not maintainable due to conditions. CNHSC is also encouraging snowmobilers to not ride beyond your means, use good judgement, stay right and do not use hand signals for oncoming traffic. The best way you can ride and keep you, your riding companions, as well as oncoming traffic safe, is these 4 simple things:

  • Stay Right, assume oncoming traffic is always there.
  • Slowdown in the corners, give yourself response time.
  • keep both hands on the bars at all times, no hand signals.
  • Ride indicative to your experience level.

Any questions, or comments, please reach out to us at are new email address at Ride@CNHSC.org.