June 17, 2024

On Sunday May 19th, Officers and Members of CNHSC attended the NHSA Annual Awards Meeting. We are happy to announce, that we didn’t come home empty handed for the 2nd year in a row. Our very own Johnston Family was awarded, “Snowmobile Family of the Year”. Congratulations!!! and very well deserved to the entire family!

Starting with their grandfather in the mid 1970’s who began the original club, this club’s family spans four generations. The family members are exemplary examples of leadership in the snowmobiling community. They have been pivotal in expanding their trail system. Working with land owners, state officials and other clubs, they have increased that system to 90+ miles. Through the years the family has helped to grow the club to over 250 members as they educate and promote the club through community opportunities.

This family provides space and storage for three groomers and two club owned snowmobiles. They allow the club to use their shop for equipment repair, maintenance, storage, and monthly meetings. They continue their family’s legacy with their commitment to the clubs’ trail maintenance, grooming and club administration. They’ve been known to do trailside groomer repairs while enjoying a day of riding for themselves.

This family has been instrumental with a variety of bridge projects and creating new trails within their area. You may notice a large stack of balanced rocks, called cairns, while out riding the area, this is their trademark signature marking trails that they have built. They are also very active members of the community, involved with volunteer firefighting and Boy Scouts. The youngest 2 have achieved the Eagle Scout award.

Family members dedicate many hours to grooming and maintaining the trail system.

One serves as the County Advisor and assists other clubs with grant applications for summer trail work, new equipment and grooming hours. Another member is the youngest groomer within the state of New Hampshire at the time of her certificate, and donates countless hours volunteering while attending school.

In 2013 this family established a free community event with a handful of antique groomers and snowmobiles. Today, 11 years later, there are 51 groomers and machines, 17 Model A’s & T’s, and 13 antique snowmobiles. The show has grown exponentially and has even been seen on NH Chronicle.

These family members are always present for meetings, always willing to volunteer, always dedicated, selfless, and responsible for multiple happenings within the snowmobile community. It is because of their motivation, drive and endless dedication that allows the snowmobile community to continue to thrive and grow in the White Mountain and Grafton County region.

Because of all this, the Snowmobile Family of the Year award is presented to the Johnston Family of the Central New Hampshire Snowmobile Club.

Presented By: Evelyn Ferrell, Grafton County Director and Newly appointed NHSA Vice President.

Other accolades and awards:

Club Anniversary Achievement- Received by CNHSC President: Nathan Grace

Club Sno-Traveler Participation: Received by CNHSC Secretary, AJ Lambert