April 24, 2024

Well, we didn’t get the snow we needed. Just a few inches. Everything west of Route 3 is Moderate – Good.

152S – Bog has water showing. Not recommending to ride on.

152N – Marginal – Moderate at low elevations, Moderate – Good at high elevations above Bald Mountain. Campton FD – Branch Brook is marginal based on being in sun all day, dirty spots

Miller’s Trail – Moderate – Good. Marginal at Route 3 cutting into Branch Brook.

155 – Moderate – Good

156 – Moderate – Good

157 – Moderate – Good

Corridor 11 – Iron showing, not recommended to ride, Official close of trail will be end of next week for railroad.

Wish we had better news… all the snow went to the west/ southwest get in the riding on 155