July 17, 2024

Big THANK YOU!! to the teams that went out this past Saturday to get started on trail work before the 22/23 season. We had around 13 team members/volunteers. We are clearing a very small reroute at 155/152 T around a landowners property. Team members cut a bunch of trees and cleared down trees on the trails. If you can donate your time please check Facebook or our calendar of events for scheduled trail work parties. We are going out on either Saturday’s or Sunday’s. Please RSVP be either emailing ride@cnhsc.org or on Facebook invite.

Membership Reminder:

Membership is open and we rely on early memberships to use the funds for planning the season. It helps us to budget as best as we can. If you love our trails please consider CNHSC when you are choosing you memberships for the season.

2023 Super Raffle Tickets

We have 4 Super Raffle tickets left as of this message. They are first come first serve basis via emailing ride@cnhsc.org or sending us a DM on Facebook. If you are interested they are $20 donation for each ticket.

Thank you!